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Whole food plant based diet with The Plant Promoting Doctor
The Plant Promoting Doctor - planting the seeds for a happy, healthy you

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Meet Dr Tila Kansagra

My journey into Lifestyle Medicine and Plant-based Nutrition started when I was looking at ways to improve my own health.

I realised that health comes from the inside and it’s not about the latest fad diet to lose weight.

I am Board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and have a certificate in Plant based Nutrition and work as a private lifestyle coach applying the principles I have learnt about nutrition, sleep and exercise to help clients with their health problems and weight loss alongside their medical care.

Dr Tila Kansagra - the Plant Promoting Doctor

Why Work with Me

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My background in medicine means that I am continually updating my knowledge to provide an evidence-based approach to your health. I have the tools to appraise the quality of the studies which a regular health coach may not.

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I explain the reasons behind the lifestyle advice I give which is tailored to your health concerns to give you a strong reason to continue healthy habits.

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I meet you where you currently are and where you would like to be- it’s not all or nothing

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I understand what it’s like to have many other commitments in life, and my advice is practical to fit around your current lifestyle.

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I give you the tools to be in charge of your health going forward, rather than get you to subscribe to any gimmick packages

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"Since working with Tila, I have noticed the benefits of the lifestyle changes.
I have managed to lose several kilograms in weight whilst having a better relationship with food. I have also incorporated more varieties of plants in my diet and started being more intuitive with my eating."

Kaajal C

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