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About Me

Dr Tila Kansagra

BsC (Hons) MBBS, MRCGP, Diploma in Dermatology with distinction, Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine IBLM/BSLM. Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition.

I have been working as a GP for the past 10 years and went into General Practice because I enjoyed the holistic nature of the job and wanted to be able to have continuity with patients.

I have had experience not only of working in GP surgeries but in out of hours settings and community care of elderly services.

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My journey into Lifestyle Medicine and Plant-based Nutrition started when I was looking at ways to improve my health.

6 years ago, after I had my second child, I was at my unhealthiest weight and I had chronic migraines, gastric reflux disease, acne, recurrent urine infections and irritable bowel syndrome. I had various tests from my family doctor, hoping that I would find something that might explain it like a thyroid problem.

I didn’t find anything.

I lost a bit of weight on a keto diet but my health problems were still there. This was until I came across “Veg Pledge” from Cancer Research UK. I had already seen documentaries about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, but I didn’t realise until I saw the Cancer Research challenge that having a more plant forward diet was better for our health.

I did the challenge and I suddenly started to lose much more weight and my health problems got better.

At this point I realised that health comes from the inside and it’s not about the latest fad diet to lose weight.

I began to research Lifestyle Medicine and devoured books, research papers and podcasts on the subject.

I used this knowledge to help my patients get better and family members. Finally, I felt like I was getting to the root cause of their problems rather than firefighting with only the use of medication.

I found a job which allowed me to use this expertise and I currently work as a GP with a special interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Hertfordshire and the Royal London Hospital of Integrated Medicine (RLHIM).

I now am Board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and have a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition and work as a private lifestyle coach applying the principles I have learnt about nutrition, sleep and exercise to help clients with their health problems and weight loss alongside their medical care.

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Want to work with me?

Book an introductory call with me to see how I can help you plant the seeds for a happy, healthy you.

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