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How do you hyper-nourish your Weetabix?

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Weetabix wheat biscuits have been a staple breakfast food in the UK since they were first introduced in 1932.

The famous line "how do you eat your Weetabix?" is from a well-known advert for the breakfast cereal brand. The advert first aired in the 1980s and has since become a cultural touchstone in the UK.

These iconic biscuits are made from whole wheat and are known for their hearty texture and satisfying crunch. But have you ever wondered about the origins of these beloved breakfast biscuits?

Weetabix was created by Australian inventor Bennison Osborne in the early 1930s. He was inspired by a similar product he had seen in Australia and decided to create

his own version in the UK. The name "Weetabix" was chosen because it was easy to remember and sounded catchy. The biscuits were an immediate hit and quickly became a breakfast staple in households across the country.

Today, Weetabix wheat biscuits are available in countries around the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. While there may be similar products available elsewhere, Weetabix has a loyal following due to its quality ingredients and great taste. They are also the most copied breakfast cereal with many supermarkets having their own budget brands.

Despite cereals often getting a bad reputation for being unhealthy, Weetabix has numerous health benefits. It is high in fibre, which is essential for digestion, feeding our gut microbiome and can help lower cholesterol levels. Weetabix is also often fortified with vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritious choice for breakfast.

When I ask patients what they eat for breakfast, many of them simply say they have Weetabix with milk. But did you know that Weetabix can be used as a base for a variety of delicious recipes? By adding fruits, vegetables, or legumes, you can increase the nutrition of your breakfast and create a more satisfying meal. My family even use the biscuits to make traditional Indian foods such as stuffed potato and aubergine curry!

I have come up with 4 recipes that demonstrate this which are not only quick, cheap, and easy to make, but are delicious! 2-3 of the recipes do not contain nuts and seeds (one recipe it is optional) , as many people with allergies have requested some recipes without them as ingredients. However, you can easily add nuts and seeds to bump up the nutrition and add a crunchy texture.

Weetabix can be enjoyed in both savoury and sweet ways. You can top it with plant yogurt and fresh berries for a sweet treat or mix it with avocado and cherry tomatoes for a savoury twist for example. The possibilities are endless!

Next time you reach for the box of Weetabix in your cupboard, remember that there are so many ways to enjoy this nutritious breakfast staple. Whether you prefer it simple with plant milk or dressed up with toppings, Weetabix is a versatile and healthy choice for starting your day off right.

When I ask my clients and patients, "how do you hyper nourish your Weetabix?" I am referring to how they approach their nutrition and overall well-being. Just like the advert emphasizes the importance of starting the day with a nutritious breakfast, I encourage my patients to prioritise their health and make healthy choices throughout the day. By hyper nourishing their bodies with nutrient-rich foods, regular exercise, and self-care practices, they can support their physical and mental health for the long term.

So, click on the recipes named Weetabix recipe 1-4 in the recipes section, you won’t be disappointed!

To read more about Weetabix, check out this Wikipedia article: Weetabix - Wikipedia

Keep eating those plants!

Tila Kansagra


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